Professional Russian to English translation services

LRlinguistics provide professional Russian to English translation services in Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas. Whether you are an individual needing personal documents translated or a business looking to expand into English-speaking markets, we’re here to provide accurate and reliable translations to meet your needs.

As global interactions increase, the demand for professional translation services, particularly between Russian and English, has risen significantly. At LRlinguistics, we offer a comprehensive range of translation services tailored to your exact requirements and needs. Specialising in providing Russian to English translation services in the Legal, Finance and Corporate sectors, we’re able to offer our clients document translations, proofreading, website localisation and interpretation services.

Document translation

Our document translation service covers a wide array of needs, including:

  • Legal documents: Contracts, agreements, court documents, and more.

  • Business documents: Financial reports, marketing materials, and corporate communications.
  • Personal documents: Birth certificates, marriage licenses, educational certificates, and more.

Website localisation

Expanding your digital presence to English-speaking markets can significantly enhance your business. We offer website and software localisation services to ensure your content is culturally appropriate and linguistically accurate. This service includes:

  • Website translation: Translating and localizing website content to engage English-speaking audiences effectively.
  • App localisation: Adapting mobile and desktop applications for English users, including interface text, help files, and user manuals.

Transcription and translation

Our transcription and translation services in Bath, Bristol and surrounding areas is ideal for converting audio and video recordings from Russian to English. This includes:

  • Interviews and meetings: Transcribing and translating business meetings, interviews, and focus groups.

  • Academic lectures: Transcribing and translating lectures and seminars for educational purposes.

  • Media content: Transcribing and translating podcasts, documentaries, and films.

Talk to us

Whether you are in Bath, Bristol, or any of the the surrounding areas, LRlinguistics is here to help you bridge the language gap. Please contact us to discuss our Russian to English translation services. We’ll gladly provide you with our rates, which are very competitive, and are also able to provide a free quotation based on your requirements.